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 Post subject: Hope you don't mind...
PostPosted: Thu Nov 06, 2008 11:09 pm 
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Been writing a little story on my hunter and i'd like to post it somewhere, and here seems so be a good place to do so. So here goes: (it's a bit long, mind you)

Her mother once a mighty warrior amongst the elves and her father a gentle but powerful, priest. She was born before the third war, back in the days when there were only night-elves and high-elves. Her kind prayed to the Moongodess, thus she was a night-elf.
Because of some strange incident at the time of her birth she was named Valauthiel, goddess of battle.

As she grew up she spent a lot of her time in the wild hunting big game. She also had a way of befriending the felines in the wild outdoors. Thus she decided to become a hunter.
The way to becoming a good hunter is a hard and long one; it requires a lot of work. Tracking skills need to be perfected, so do trapping skills. Also the ability to hunt game over a long period of time needs to be worked on. Hunters need to have a lot of stamina and agility. They also need a good amount of intellect and strength so that they can work their way out trouble if they encounter some.

Training these skills took a lot of time, and that time she spent in the wild forests and jungles of Azeroth, always becoming stronger. When she thought herself ready to join the ranks of the Night-elves as a soldier, she returned to her birthplace atop Nordrassil. Her parents were proud to see that their daughter had grown up into such a fine Hunter. They also had a surprise for her; she was to become a big sister.

Although she wanted to be there when the little one entered the world, she couldn’t. She was drafted to aid in the battle against the Scourge.

And here the true story begins.

As she arrived in what used to be the beautiful lush forest of Lordaeron, the whole place seemed ill and decayed, almost dead; she was met by a warrior of the high-elves. Eyeing the high-elf with suspicion she quickly decided he must be the one in charge here.
Her Common skill wasn’t too great so she decided to see if he understood Darnassian.

“So you are the one in charge here?” she asked.
“No, but I am in charge of greeting new recruits” he answered in fluent Darnassian.

“Hmmm… I have to give him credit for his skill in languages at least” she thought.

“Thank you for that. Who is in charge here? What is happening to this land? It seems like it is dieing.”

He got a concerned look on his face. “No one knows exactly what is happening, other than this… the plague seems to have originated farther north of here. As to what is going on; we are to wait here for further instructions from Malfurion Stormrage….. And train while we wait.”

“The Arch druid?” she looked surprised. “If he is involved it has to be a big deal this… plague.”

“It is. It is very big indeed” he said with a grave look on his face. “It seems to infect both the land and the people.”

After a few minutes of uncomfortable silence he spoke again;

“Let’s get you to your trainer”

When they got to the trainer, the high-elf left with just a nod. Her trainer was a stubby dwarf going by the name of Dourhand. She never got to know his first name.

They spent days and weeks waiting for orders, just training and passing time.
Then one day a lone rider closed in on their camp, he was nearly dead when he brought his horse to a stop. Two guards rushed out to escort him into the make-shift infirmary.
Valauthiel made her way towards them; she got close enough to hear what was being said. “Sir… if you don’t tell us what happened we can’t treat you properly and in your condition you will not last the night. Sir!”
“The lich king… monsters… burn my body…” With a final sigh of agony life was drained from his body before anyone could do anything.

No one slept at ease that night. After the horseman died an uneasy mood had settled upon the camp. Everyone was mumbling about what might have killed him, because he didn’t look too wounded or ill. Rumours about the plague started to grow, but no one could say for certain that it was true. At dawn next morning they buried his body even though he wished for it to be burned. They just couldn’t risk a big fire like that. And the doctors had said that there was no need for him to be burned as he was not carrying any known diseases.

By sundown that day they sensed their first battle approaching; the birds stopped singing and the wildlife fell silent.
The guards were uneasy and wanted backup, just in case something happened.

And something did indeed happen, but not what they expected. It was never a frontal attack; it was just subtle at first. The mist grew into a thick fog and the grave of the lone horseman started to stir. Before they could grasp what was happening he’d gotten up from his resting place and started to feed on the nearest person; a dwarf tending to the horses. This caused panic in the camp long enough for the people around the camp to get closer and by the time they were spotted they were too close for the ballistics to reach them.

Chaos and mayhem erupted.

Warriors shouting, mages chanting, priests praying, rogues trying to find tactical advances; And the scores of living dead coming out from behind the trees. One by one the monsters fell, but when one was defeated another came to take its place in the ranks. Valauthiel and the other hunters found high ground to take their stance. Arrows were flying through the air, swords hit shields; the sound of battle filled everyone’s ears.

As the sun rose the battlefield fell silent; the living dead were now dead. Quite a few of the allied forces had fallen as well. This time they took no chances; the burned their foes, and their friends. The wounded got tended to and healed if possible. By noon another handful had died of injuries.

The officers held an emergency meeting in their tent. Their voices were frantic but silent; none of the soldiers could hear what they were saying. After hours of talking one thing was clear; they had to move.

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 Post subject: Re: Hope you don't mind...
PostPosted: Thu Nov 06, 2008 11:54 pm 
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ofcourse not :p this is exactly the right place :)


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 Post subject: Re: Hope you don't mind...
PostPosted: Sat Nov 08, 2008 1:20 am 
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WoW !!!!!!!!!!!!

nice story hun cant wait for the next instalment


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 Post subject: Chapter 2.
PostPosted: Sun Nov 09, 2008 3:49 pm 
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Since Deeks wanted the next bit... here you go :)

Valauthiel woke up in Iron Forge; her head pounding. She tried to sit up but someone pushed her back into the bed. “Where am I?” her voice was barely audible.
A dwarf female tried to explain that she had been struck down in battle and that they had to move the injured somewhere safe. As the lady kept talking Valauthiel started to remember bits of the fight, but it was still a bit blurry.

At first there was only the sound of the dwarf’s screams as he was eaten alive, then the guttural sounds of the living dead closing in. She and the other hunters had searched the camp for a high spot before so they all headed there. The first wave came shortly after they’d lined up. Warriors took their stance and waited for the opportune moment to retaliate. Whit a deafening roar they leaped forward and attacked the attackers, but the living dead just kept moving even though they were being attacked by several people. At this point she and the others got ready to fire the first wave of arrows, but not entirely sure where to strike the held back. After a few more minutes of fighting they decided to aim for the heads, and it worked. The mindless undead fell to the ground and didn’t get up. But behind them came something they’d never seen; some kind of humanoid spiders. With a lower body like a spider and a proper humanoid torso, they also spoke in a language they didn’t understand. This was certainly not mindless creatures. After this it got a bit hazy, she could remember people dieing and arrows flying, she also remember getting hit by some shadow spell. After that it was all black.

“Miss!” the dwarf gave her a gentle shake. “There is someone here to see you.”
“See me? Who could possibly know that I’m here?” Valauthiel was a bit confused.
“I don’t know miss, but he’s a handsome one. I’ll let him in once you’ve had something to eat”
She ate with a great appetite; the dwarven food was not bad at all. After she was done eating the dwarf took the plate away.
“I’ll let him in now miss.” She left with a subtle smile on her face.

Valauthiel waited for this handsome man to enter, not sure who it would be she kept a neutral face. But that quickly changed when he entered; it was the high-elf that had greeted her when she first came to the camp. She was very surprised to see him, and annoyingly happy as well.
“Glad to see you made it through the injury” he sounded a bit nervous.
“I’m glad as well. You visiting every injured person since you’re here?” She was still a bit suspicious.
He turned slightly pink: “No I’m not. Just figured someone ought to look after you since you’ve been here a fortnight”
“A what!?”, no one had told her that.
“A fortnight, you know; two weeks. Thought the nurse told you that?”
“I know what a fortnight is, and no she didn’t. What has become of the others?”
“Some survived, some turned, and many died.”
“We need to do something for the dead then. And notify their families.”
“That is already taken care of miss.”
“Oh please, call me Val. Miss sounds so stuck up. I never caught your name though.”
“My name is Caldorien Windfury, but my friends just call me Cal.”
“Caldorien… Of the sun. It’s a nice name, you should be proud.” Val smiled.
“I am, but of the sun isn’t entirely correct, but it’s quite good for someone not fluent in Thallasian.” He gave a smirk.
“Well, some of the words aren’t too different from Darnassian.”
“I must admit, even though my Darnassian skills are quite good I don’t know the meaning of your name.” It seemed like he was quite puzzled by this.
“Well, it’s not a common name so it’s not really that odd. And I’m not entirely sure the meaning of it fit me, at least not yet.”
“What does it mean then?”
“It means Goddess of battle.” She winged slightly. “And just look at me; the daughter of a mighty warrior and a righteous priest, and I end up in a dwarven city, badly injured.”
“That is nothing to be ashamed of, it was your first battle and you didn’t die. You should be happy.”
“And yet I am not. I should have fought to the end, not being stupid enough to get hit. And I let people around me die.”
‘This is such a young woman, and yet so much pride. She must have been raised to be a fighter. No wonder if her mother and father were fighters themselves.’ He thought.
“A lot of us let people die, including me. We can’t save everyone. It’s just not possible.”
“I guess not, but still…” she went silent.

One week later the nurse let her go, fully healed. She took the first and best underground tram to Stormwind to seek out her superiors. There had been some rumours in Ironforge about tall men and women from Kalimdor visiting the great human city.
When the tram reached the underwater tunnel she was amazed at what she saw. And for a brief second she thought she saw a huge monster swimming past. There was no time for a second look because suddenly the tram was on the way up again. But she made a mental note to walk the entire distance of the tram tunnel, just to have a look.

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