<INTERVIEW> Sentenza meets ... Nimia

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<INTERVIEW> Sentenza meets ... Nimia

Postby Sentenza on Tue Nov 28, 2006 4:05 pm

Sentenza meets ... Nimia

Recently Sentenza got the chance to talk with Nimia, who actually runs the guild Umbrae
in Everquest 2, US-RP-server Lucan D'Lere ... this is what it was about:

Hello, Nimia, to keep the name you are listed at TSS, thanks for your time and patience to answer some
questions in advance. When you confirmed the interview you started wondering about what I might ask.
And indeed, there are so many issues coming to my mind ... countless ... countless like your experiences
and years being active in MMO's. So, let's pick just some, your experience as a leading player in MMO-
guilds and clans, your roleplay orientation and your endless creativity and productivity in writing stories,
creating addional stuff like slide-shows and ingame-movies.
Maybe you followed the activities in the TSS-forums and noticed how seperated and split our small asso-
ciation appears to be. Beside finding „the game“ to come together again, what would be your advice for us ?

My advise to TSS and to all other Game goons would be, and always has been: “Have fun and be social
and kind to others including yourself.” There is no better advise in my opinion. Furthermore, create your
own fun and do not expect others to make your fun. The one person you always have around you is your-
self. If you are having fun. People notice and have fun together with you.

Well, that's an answer ... -smiles- ... hard to explain myself, but imagine, that I learned to enjoy my life,
when the word „fun“ wasn't born at all with it's today's meanings. „Have fun!“ is a phrase I originairy never
would use myself. Very good I can live with the „be social“-part and your suggestion to be kind to others
and yourself.
Just, was this the „secret key“ to keep Umbrae alive over a long time and spread over different games ?
How would you manage to collect people from different games into a new one ? Or is it just the individual
attraction, what makes them following you ?

Hmm. Not sure. I do not try to keep all together but like to make new friends too. I never “try” to get old
friends together again in another game since there are new friends around the horizon. Old friends notice
you have fun and they join in. I just tell people what I do in a new game and if its fun for me. The game
will have to prove itself to be an attraction for the others. If I would put myself to much in it I would loose
my enjoyment in the game and then the story would end. Of course my enthusiasm is catching. –grins-

When I learned you those days in DnL and as well in your „who-is-who-thread“ you called yourself a role-
player. Please, explain us a bit more precise, what does this mean for you ?

For me it means playing my part in the realm that is given. I like to react on my environment in game.

Today for an example a person was checking a dagger in role-play style in the middle of a bank in Ever-
Quest 2. I jumped backwards and asked what he was planning to do with that dagger. The other person
also a role-player reacted to this by explaining that he was a weapons crafter and he was checking if his
crafting skills could be used to make a better dagger. This was just a small example of what role-play is
for me. I often try to find out what the other person likes to play. When I find myself attracted to the idea,
I set a plan to react on it as my character would react. As long as all parties respect each other this works
It can go a lot more deeper too. Shinal for example fell in love with a person that lives in the evil side.
They get all kinds of problems because both believes are so different. Her brother is protecting her. A
daughter is born. Well you can imagine what kind of fun can be had out of playing your own fantasy based
soap –grins-.

The guy, she fell in love with is another player or just an imaginary fellow to give her role a background ?

The “guy” is another player.

We use out of character which I will name ooc from now or the famous brackets(( )). The very hardcore
role-players I often call bracketeers. They hold on to those brackets as if their life is depending on it. But
if they need brackets to keep in their act, then that works for them. They use those to find out what kind
of person you are dealing with.

My favourite way to do that is using whisper/group for the ooc parts. The role often begins with something
small. Like inspecting some bodies dagger or reacting in role-play about something trivial. When both seem
to hit of in the part, they might role-play more and slowly the part will grow.
Like the other day I was playing a half elf and a small gnome was shouting “boom boom” in the caves. So
I asked him if he liked explosions and this little enjoyable gnome starts talking about his family and how
they liked explosions and well it was very funny.

When you know you have an actor that would like to play a role. Then you can set out a scheme to play the
role or you can let it happen as you go. Role-playing is nothing more then being an actor. Always be careful
the other person your dealing with is aware you are just playing a part.

How do you prepare a role, when you plan to start playing a new game ?

This all depends on how the game works. In SWG I played an Zabrak that worked for the Empire as a bounty
hunter. She was asocial when doing her job. Her former job was being bio engineer and creature handler. She
has always been the less social type although animals where everything for her. She has a zoo in Mangoville
(kauri). Filled with all the creatures of the game.

I also played a flirty dancer Twi. She was only interested in dancing and having expensive parties.

In World of Warcraft I played a Human warlock that was proud to be evil but had way to many good sides she
tried to ignore.

Shinal is the Happy Woodelf Wizard that doesn’t know how to handle the power that is given to her so often is

I just start to play and it forms in me like a web until its totally entwined in the character that I start to play. So
I guess my answer is it goes without preparing but the role is there underneath the first steps I place in a new

Sounds, as if you would not plan a role in advance, but develop it by learning the game-mechanics and how it
works in general. Makes sense to me, as even a roleplayer should have a clue, what means and possibilities
s/he has.
How do you proceed, when you have a first characterization of your char ?

That all depends on the character and the mood of the role-player. I like to use humor in serious situations.
Comedy is more my style. Some like to play a more drama style which can be fun and intense too. Somehow
it gives a kick when a story evolves well.

And beside of this ... what would be your advice to someone, who calls her/himself more a kinda casual role-
player to encourage her/him to go a bit deeper into roleplaying ?

No. If somebody feels happier with casual then he/she should not go deeper. Role-playing can be very time
consuming and if your not enjoying it, it will turn out to be a hell… Casual can be great to. Just do your quests
but instead of saying -> lvl 10 warden lfg, say A young warden seasoned ten seeks companions to hunt with
when its not in the ooc channel.

Concerning your creative side I have some more technical questions too. I'd just like to ask you which softwares you
use when you make slideshows and machinimas ?

Well… software is all freeware and is therefore easy to get. Fraps is used for capturing the animations and [url=http://www.microsoft.com/windowsxp/downloads/updates/moviemaker2.mspx]windows
movie maker[/url] is what I use to make the movies.

You told me, you are writing a book. It is about „The strategical usage of sugarless strawberry-marmelade in modern
relation- and partnerships“, isn't it ?

Ha Ha… yes, that’s exactly, what it's about –grins- You won't get any more details about that. –laughs-

Accepted, just, please, promise us to keep us updated when your dream - I think it is a dream of yours to write a book -
becomes true, and where we will be able to order the book. I hope it will be succesful enough to be translated into english
or even german. And, of course, I will keep pressing my thumbs.

I will... where there is a will there is a way

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

This hasn't been a life-interview, but was developed step by step via email. I started
with 2-3 questions, sent them to Nimia and than again reacted on her answers. It was
quite exciting to do this, just I am not sure, if it makes sense to publish stuff like this
here, if it gives an interesting read for you at all. So, tell me the truth, ... my revenge
will follow by feet in the next MMO than ... -grins-
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Postby Nathreee on Tue Nov 28, 2006 4:41 pm

I'll take the risk of sounding like a complete dumb blonde:

Who is Nimia? :shock:
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Postby Wighar on Tue Nov 28, 2006 4:50 pm

Nathreee wrote:I'll take the risk of sounding like a complete dumb blonde:

Who is Nimia? :shock:

Profile: Nimia
Who is who: Nimia
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