<INTERVIEW> Sentenza meets Aenedor Tru'shot

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<INTERVIEW> Sentenza meets Aenedor Tru'shot

Postby Sentenza on Sat Jan 20, 2007 10:35 am

Interview with Aenedor Tru'shot

former SWG representative of The Seconds Sun's founding guild,
The Order of the Desert Sun (DeSun) on Europe-Chimaera.
„Der Fels in der Brandung“

Hello, Aenedor, thanks for taking the time to answer some questions. Can't be this easy, as I know you are father of two children. It is amazing, you know, you are now active in Starwars Galaxies since 2003, never the leader, but always the anchorman even during hard and problematic phases of the game itself and the guild DeSun. All the leaders passed by ... and you are still there! Always responsible and supporting. What were your secrets to keep excitement in a game for such a long period ? And why did you decide to leave SWG now ?

Hi Sent, there are two main reasons why i played SWG for over 3 years.

First I really liked the setting of the Star Wars universe and the freedom I had to do what I wanted in game. I have played other MMO's since I have played SWG, for instance Dark and Light, Irth Online and WoW. But in each case I got bored and with the limited game play choices.

Second, is down to Tuorn/Orakio and the other leaders of DeSun up to and including Banther. In every case they are people that I found I both liked and respected. A strong guild needs strong leaders who are prepared to stand up and be counted and DeSun has been blessed with these. Such guilds are very rare TBH so I always felt I would be daft ever to leave DeSun, since no guild could be as good.

But finally a game has come along that offers many of the things that I loved about SWG and a bigger plus is I get to be a Ranger again. Whether the guild in Vanguard will be as strong and enduring as DeSun is in SWG, I have no idea. Time will tell But we have a good start, since we have known each other in different games for between 1 and 3 years.

-nods- Prolly you are right in both cases, SWG still seems to offer a quite complex gameplay and we all know about our luck in having the right leaders at the right time. Just ... don't you think there must be individual qualities of Aenedor Tru'shot as well ?

I came to believe very strongly in what Tuorn had created and grown and felt that I should do my bit keep it going.

What exactly were Tuorn's/Orakio's qualities you experienced and enjoyed ? And what has it been, what he created ? How would you describe those days in SWG ?

Tuorn is very similar to my wife ^^ in that he has a very strong sense of what is right and what is wrong and if a wrong needs righting he would try to deal with it. This is a trait that I TOTALLY respect. He never shied away from dealing with issues when they arose in game, even though I am sure he felt uncomfortable doing so. Also, he made time for everyone. He is a great listener, we are all good at talking, but very few are good at listening

He created a guild where members had a good level of respect for each other and a strong sense of common purpose and togetherness.

They were exciting days... not so much for what we did, more that we did it together, be it in twos or in larger groups.

Those were the days ... now we might have to face a problem with the connectivity between DeSun and TSS and maybe even DeSun has to fear for it's existance. Out of the distance as a forum-user, I am just aware of the fact, that thanks to your post-activities TSS' SWG-section kept quite alive during the last year. What will be the future of DeSun, as a guild and as well as a part of The Second Sun. What do you think ?

Good question, my view on this is we need to encourage Banther and the other members of DeSun as much as we possibly can through the TSS site.

Banther has decided to make the guild more focused on participation in the GCW on the side of the Alliance. This will make it much easier for him to recruit new members.

As Tuorn very sagely observed, SWG has become like WoW was at launch, PvP is a key plank of SWG now and for a guild to be successful it must embrace that.

Concerning PvP, I think, we should try to provide, promote and cover PvP in general, if the game gives fun for it ... in general and preparing those who target WAR as their favourite in autumn this year, as there PvP will become a main feature.

I am not a PvP'er but this is a big thing for alot of MMO players. Yes, by promoting PvP more than we do I am sure we will increase the number of persons associated with TSS.

Back to SWG and the maybe-crisis. What should we others do ? What are the meanings for administrators and what can normal members do ? Would be a newsletter featuring SWG, DeSun and the upcoming problems a good idea in your eyes ?

Replying to any posts from active SWG players is a great start, it will show them we are interested in them. If they start to believe we are not interested they will stop posting tbh.

Also, NOT posting about non SWG games in the SWG forum. That REALLY sends out the wrong signal about what we as a player organisation think of SWG.

Certainly feature SWG in a newsletter. You talk of problems???? TBH I think SWG is on the up. The newsletter should highlight the positives that are happening, for instance the Crafting and Entertainer revamp that is happening very soon.

Good ideas, indeed ... basically this requires activities in the forum section at all. Do you see realistic chances for DeSun to survive ? Is the player-base strong enough ?

To answer your first point, it does, but not just by SWG players, also by non SWG members of the community. The SWG players will post here if they think there is a point i.e. other members of TSS are interested in what they have to tell.

Re your question about DeSun. I don't think it is for me to answer, afterall I have left now

If the roles were reversed and I was active and a non-active player was expressing opinions about the future of the guild and the game I would take offence for sure, in fact I have done just that in the past, regularely

Another issue I'd like to scratch is your experience to play MMO's together with your children. In my opinion it is the king's road to introduce children into modern media like MMO's and accompany their first movements and feelings when they enter the Galaxies. Just so few parents do so. Please, tell us a bit about it.

I am aware that my Son, who is ten now, is strictly speaking too young to play SWG, so with that in mind when he first asked to play it with me when he was 7, he did so with me sat next to him. I tried to encourage him not to spam in chat, not to kill steal and generally try to be polite to other players. Over time I felt I could trust him to play when I was not in the room. When he was 8 years old he got his own account and Omussisk joined DeSun. By this time I new that he would be safe in DeSun and I was sure that the other members would be patient with him if needed. Omussisk is two years old now :boggle: and my Son has recently started playing SWG again, we did some PvP not so long back.

-haha- Who won ? -grins- But beside of this, I think you did right. Thinking as parents you can't even avoid kids to get in contact to new media, either the age when this happens is almost not to determin. So, probably it is a lot better they are accompanied and not left alone.

Thankfully we were on the same side else it would have been him, he beats me when we duel ... ;-) ...

Must be a nice feeling for a boy to have fields, where he can be better than his father at this age.

Yup I do hope so not that I go out of my way to loose, hehe.

Maybe you know about heavy and strange discussions, especially in the USA, about video- and online-games resulting kids to become violent, aggressive and brutal. Did you make any experiences concerning this, when you watched your son playing ? What would be your advice to other parents to have an eye on ?

As a family we have always tried to talk to each other and spend time together, I think this has helped to create a dialogue between my wife and I and our two children. They are taught to be honest and we agree that if they are honest then we will (try to) not get upset with them. I think this helps us to be able to trust them and them to trust us. We also hope that they can feel able to talk about uncomfortable issues with us if/when they might want to.

We hope that if they do find something unsuitable online they will tell us so we can take steps to talk about it with them and possibly see if it can be blocked/filtered. We do have filtering software on our pc's but we also want our children to be able to take responsibilty for themselves and 'self sensor' what they choose to look at on the internet.

My Son recently told me that he saw a short movie online of Steve Irwin being killed, at a friends house on their PC. We talked about it and both agreed that it was the sort of thing that would give us both nightmares so therefore probably best to look away from the screen when such movies are showing in future or just leave the room.

In a similar vein all of our computers are downstairs in the dining room atm. Since we can always see our children on the computers (and my wife me when I am on the computer ) then this also helps to create trust.

I am not saying that what we do is the right answer, all families are different afterall.

Understand ... but again, what would be your advice to other parents to have an eye on ? And, if possible, some years back, would you again encourage your children to play MMO's together with you ?

Look out for unusual or inconsistant behaviour. If you see it try not to let it go. Do try to find an opportunity to discuss it in an environment where they will feel safe to reply.

Re. the second question, there will come a time when they are older that all their time is taken with their friends, for sure, that is the way it should be. But I hope I will be always be available to play online if asked

Thanks again for taking the time, Aenedor, may the force be with you and your familiy!
Sentenza . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Rate TSS at WAR!

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Postby Proto on Sat Jan 20, 2007 12:09 pm

A good read! You sound like quite a sensible bloke Aen, what the heck are you still doing here!! :wink:

The future of DeSun will be up to the current players and hopefully we can support that in the ways you mentioned. Although, to be fair, DeSun never was a guild that was particularly active on the forums, even way back in the days of the first guildportal webby only a small percentage visited regularly.

The guild will go on strong, even if the forum for it here does not.
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