In a world where vampires and magic are real...

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In a world where vampires and magic are real...

Postby Nathreee on Fri Jan 26, 2007 3:38 pm

Here's something I wrote a long time ago. I still think it's one of my best pieces.

Red, Doc and me were just hanging out, in one of the biggest clubs of all Seattle. We were not the kind to go dancing in the disco or ballrooms, so we spent a few hours is the Irish pub. As we sat there, drinking and talking, slowly a strange feeling came over me and made me stand up. Something in the distance seemed to beckon me.
‘Is something wrong, Saris?’ Red looked at me.
I uttered: ‘…n…no, nothing wrong…’ And I left the pub.
‘Don’t worry.’ I heard Doc say. ‘She’s always like that.’

But he was wrong, I had never felt this way before. I felt a little light in the head, and I didn’t even know where my legs were taking me, I only knew that I had to go there. I passed room after room, where people were dancing, drinking, laughing; it seemed like they were part of another world, that simply didn’t matter to me.

The beckoning got stronger as I entered a large ballroom, where women in long, elegant dresses were dancing with men in dark-coloured suits. The music was beautiful, but loud and pompous, as if a hundred instruments were needed to play it. Still feeling compelled to go on, I went further into the room and soon found myself surrounded by dancing couples. I stared at their faces, some laughing, others grinning, but none of it seemed natural. And they didn’t seem to notice me. The crowd swayed around me, making me dizzy. I lost track of where I was and let myself be guided by the mesmerising rhythm of the music.

Suddenly someone pushed against my back. I turned around, but couldn’t make out who of all the people around me had done it. Then, as two couples moved away from each other, they revealed a man standing motionless in the middle of the dance floor. He was tall and had long, dark hair smoothly combed backwards, a strangely pale skin, mysterious dark eyes and something very familiar I just couldn’t place. He seemed to be the centre all the people here were dancing around. At that moment I knew that he was the one who had been beckoning me.

Before I could approach him, some other dancers passed in front of him, and when they were gone, he had disappeared. I went over to the place where I had seen him, carefully avoiding all the dancing people, but there was no sign of him. I turned around a few times and suddenly caught a glimpse of him to my right. But when I had reached that place, he was gone again. By this time my head was swinging so much, it was a miracle I was still standing up. The music filled my head and I felt I was no longer in control of myself. As I looked about me, I saw only a wave of his dark hair, and after I had followed that to the other side of the room, I found out that it wasn’t him. I stared at the colourful, swaying crowd. Where could he be? I had to find him. I raised a hand to my temples and for a moment I felt like I was going to faint. Then I saw him walking out of the room. I started running, to make sure I wouldn’t lose him again, and as I ran into the hall I suddenly bumped into someone.

I took a step backwards and looked up at the face of a handsome man with bright blue eyes and shaggy, blond hair. I had to blink several times before I was able to focus. He looked familiar, he even smelled familiar, but I just couldn’t remember where I had met him before.
He stared at me and whispered: ‘Saris…’
‘What?’ What had he just called me? And why was he looking at me like that? It seemed like he knew me. ‘Who are you?’
‘Saris, don’t you…’ He shook his head. ‘Never mind, you must leave, D…’
‘Sweetheart, I’ve been looking for you.’ Suddenly the man who had beckoned me came between us and put his arm around me.
‘You’ve been wandering off again, haven’t you?’ I was fascinated by the low tones of his voice. ‘I told you not to do that.’ He said, his dark eyes boring into mine.
I slowly bowed my head. ‘I’m sorry.’
As the blond man gasped, my sweetheart turned to him.
‘And what do you think you are doing here?’
The man glared at him.
‘I don’t know what you’ve done to her, but you’d better undo it quickly, or…’
‘Oh, please. You can’t order me to do anything.’ My sweetheart laughed. ‘Now leave us and go back to your book of magic tricks.’
‘I’m not going anywhere until you stop this nonsense.’
My sweetheart sighed. ‘Look, this is not your business…’
‘I’m making it my business, damn it!’ The man pushed him aside and put his hand on my shoulder. ‘You have no right to do this to her.’
‘Well,’ My sweetheart pushed his hand away. ‘Let’s ask her, shall we?’
I looked from one to the other, unable to see either of them clearly, and with a slightly trembling voice, I asked: ‘What do you want me to say?’
My sweetheart’s mysterious dark eyes sparkled and the very lowest tones of his voice came out as he said: ‘Just tell us whether you want him to stay with us or not.’
I stared at the man, his bright blue eyes were so affectionately looking back at me. And I knew him, I was sure of it now. I just couldn’t seem to remember…
A warm feeling slowly came over me. He smiled.
Then, the man with his mysterious, dark eyes put his arm around me and in his low voice, said:
‘A simple yes or no will do, my love.’
As I still looked at the blond man, something told me that I had never liked him. Something said that his so-called affections for me weren’t real and that he was no better than the men who whistled at me when I walked past them in a bar.
I closed my eyes and said: ‘No.’
My love smiled contently. ‘Well, you heard her.’
‘You’re manipulating her!’ The man said indignantly.
‘Call it what you like. She has just said she does not want you here.’
The man looked at me, and without opening his mouth, said to me:
‘Saris, please…’ That warm feeling came over me again. My eyes misted over for a moment.
‘You know who I am.’ He said softly without speaking. ‘You know I only want to…’
His voice suddenly changed. ‘…take you away from your lover, lock you up and torture you, just for the pleasure of seeing you in pain.’
His cold, sadistic words filled me with fear. ‘Make him stop!’
My lover put his arms around me and I buried my face in his chest.
‘Send him away. Please!’ I cried.
The man sounded angry now. ‘That was you, not me.’
‘What do you think she believes?’ My lover replied.
There was a stony silence. I slowly looked up at the man, who had clenched his fists and was glaring at my lover.
‘No use in trying that on me.’ My lover grinned. ‘You don’t stand a chance.’
‘I must try.’ The man hissed.
My lover shook his head. ‘How heroic.’
The expression on the man’s face turned cold and he took a deep breath.
‘Oh, don’t make me laugh.’ My lover closed his eyes and calmly stroked my hair.
The man started to sweat and his fists trembled at his side.
Then my lover pushed me away and scowled at him. ‘Why you…’
I stared at them, unable to understand what was going on, unable to move without feeling like I was going to faint. My lover had crossed his arms, and although several swollen veins appeared on his face, he retained his pale colour. The man bit his lip and was trembling all over, as little drops of perspiration ran down his face.
They stood there for a few seconds, motionless, only the man trembling slightly, gazing at each other, with looks in their eyes I had never seen before. I could almost feel the fight, the energy sparking off between them, even in my dazed state.

‘Enough!’ My lover then cried out, and he made a sudden movement, as if he threw something at the man. The man clutched at his chest and gasped, after which his eyes turned away. He collapsed and lay lifeless on the floor.
My lover quickly put his arm around me and led me away. As we went up a large, marble stairway, he held me in his arms.
‘My sweetheart, you shouldn’t have wandered off like that. I was so worried.’
I bowed my head. ‘I am sorry to have worried you, my love.’
‘It doesn’t matter anymore.’ He kissed me on the cheek, and I felt his lips were cold. ‘What matters now is that you are safely back with me.’
We reached the top of the stairway and walked into a broad, marble hall.
A porter came up to us. ‘Can I show you to a room, sir?’
My lover smiled. ‘Yes, you could.’
The porter motioned us to follow him. ‘Would you require additional companionship?’
‘No.’ Said my sweetheart. ‘We would like to lock the door and not be disturbed.’
‘Of course, sir.’ The porter opened a door and gave him the key.
‘Please return it when you have finished, sir.’

I looked around the room, as my lover locked the door. It was decorated with soft, purple and pink velvet, and there were no windows. The furniture consisted of a large, inviting bed and a very soft looking couch.
My lover put his arms around me and sighed. ‘It seems like you were away for such a long time. I have missed you so much.’
I put my head against his shoulder. ‘But I am here now, my love, I am with you.’
We kissed, and again I felt that his lips and even his cheeks were cold.
He rested his head on mine and stroked my hair. ‘Oh, Caroline…’

Suddenly there was a rumbling noise in the hallway; someone yelled, and then there was someone banging at the door.
My lover turned around and stared at the door.
‘Hide, my precious. They have come to take you away from me.’
A female voice called out from the other side of the door. ‘Let her go, Duke!’

As I heard that word, it was as if a glass bubble that had been around me was shattered. It was Duke! What had just happened? What had he done to me? The room seemed to rotate around me, my knees gave up on me, and I fell down in confusion. The door was kicked in, and Doc and Red ran inside, Red carrying her Dai-katana and Doc a wooden stake and a cross. He waved it at Duke. ‘Begone, creature of the night.’
‘Yeah, scram!’ Red added.

Duke growled, his face changed suddenly, taking the jagged and pointed forms of that of a predator. He spoke an unpronounceable word and pointed at Red, who was then frozen in her movements. Afraid that he would do the same to Doc, I clenched my arms around his legs and tried to pull him down. He pulled one leg lose and kicked me in the face. The pain seemed to clear my head.

‘Ungrateful creature!’ He growled. ‘I offered you a place at my side.’
‘You didn’t exactly ask me politely.’ I groaned.
He roughly picked me up, pressed me against him and revealing a set of long, sharp teeth, growled at Doc. ‘Don’t come any nearer. Or she dies.’
He looked at me. I nodded. Get him! I thought. He took a step closer, clenching the stake in his hand.
‘Don’t tempt me.’ Duke hissed. ‘She’s nice and warm-blooded.’
He took another step closer. Duke suddenly pushed my head aside, and I was filled with a horrible pain. He was drinking from me!

I was growing weak, I felt my whole body go numb, and the past events flashed before my eyes. He had tried to make me love him, he had called me Caroline, he wanted his Caroline back, she had died long ago, she had died… Now it all made sense to me. With what seemed like my last breath, I gasped:
‘This is… what hap… happened to Caroline… isn’t it?’

He immediately let go of me and hurled me down; I was almost glad when I hit the floor. With a trembling hand I touched my neck and felt my blood running down it. I looked up at Duke, who had his mouth covered in the same blood and repeated: ‘Isn’t it?’
‘How dare you!’ He wiped his mouth. ‘I loved her. I would never want to hurt her.’
Doc gave me a worried look, as if to say: ‘What are you doing?’
Just watch, I thought, just watch and see.
‘No… you never wanted to hurt her.’ I took a deep breath and pushed myself up until I was almost sitting. ‘But you did.’
‘You know nothing about this.’ He growled. ‘You are a mere mortal weakling.’
‘So was she.’ I replied. ‘and you fell in love with her.’
He glared at me, but his spell didn’t seem to have any effect on me anymore.
I continued. ‘But you couldn’t restrain yourself, and something went terribly wrong.’
He turned his back to me. ‘Silence! I will hear no more.’
I slowly tried to get up, leaning on the bed, and ignoring the fact that the whole room seemed to be dancing around me, I asked: ‘Ever wondered why the other vampires rejected you?’
‘I said no more!’ He growled.
‘Not because they disapproved of your love for her,’ I said. ‘But because they knew it would happen, they had probably seen it happen before.’
He frantically shook his head. ‘No…’ His voice sounded so thin.
‘Can’t you see,’ I was almost standing now. ‘There was no way you could have avoided it.’
‘No…’ He cried, covered his face with his hands and sank down on his knees.
I staggered over to him.
‘And even if you could have brought her back…’
I kneeled down next to him. ‘Even if your spell on me had worked and I had replaced her… It would have happened again. And you know it.’
‘No… no…’ He shook his head again.
‘You are a predator, Duke, you cannot love your prey.’ I took his hands in mine and looked him straight in the eyes. ‘You are not human.’
He pushed me away. ‘Nooooo!’
And with a terrible, melancholic cry he disappeared in a flash of blue light.
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Postby Proto on Sat Jan 27, 2007 12:58 pm

Excellent work.
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Postby Zzinc on Mon Jan 29, 2007 11:16 am

This is good stuff! Very nice read.

I also popped in to your blog and read some extracts from your novel you had posted there. Seems really good, very well picted charachters and vivid descriptions.. I could see the surroundings in my head :) Made me want to read more about them too!
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Postby Nathreee on Mon Jan 29, 2007 11:21 am

^^ Makes me happy to hear compliments like that. Thanks
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Re: In a world where vampires and magic are real...

Postby Proto on Tue Mar 11, 2008 3:59 pm

I miss Nathreee :-(

Come back and write some more stuff like this Nath!
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