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Postby Proto on Fri Jan 26, 2007 5:03 pm

Something whizzed past Derron’s cheek, hot enough to singe the weeks growth that crawled up his jaw line like silver ivy. A few feet behind him a chunk of bark exploded off the hulking trunk of a Jala tree. Corrosive sap splashed against the skin of his shield as he crashed off through the heaving undergrowth, oblivious.

Damn they were persistent!

The ground was alive with tangling roots and grasping vines. He swung his falchion like a machete, chopping a path through the denser patches. Behind him the whispering wind brought maniacal cackles and yelps, his pursuers calling to one another almost playfully, it seemed. Derron was running out of options fast. He bundled clumsily onwards as the ground beneath gradually began to slope away before suddenly falling away altogether.

Adrenaline surged through his veins as he teetered precariously on the edge, arms flapping of their own volition. Instinct, bred through decades of Commander Mograine’s demanding training, took over completely and with a fluid motion he snagged his shield in an overhanging branch just as his momentum swung him out over the edge. He watched the debris his bluster had disturbed spin away into the darkness, a faint splosh echoing up the sheer wall of the cliff-face from the surface of the river far below. He dangled helplessly, for a moment, before his scrabbling feet found a gnarled root and he clumsily regained his balance. Breathing deeply, he looked down at the satchel of documents slung across his chest like a parachute in reverse. Close behind, the ground shook as his pursuers closed in to put the chase to an end. His orders regarding these documents left him in no uncertain terms what he must do next. Derron hurled his sword off into the abyss and reached across to the wrist buckles of his shield arm, his fingers suddenly clumsy with the strange numbness spreading through his body.

The air around him crackled and popped and the temperature cooled so quickly the beads of sweat on his forehead turned to tiny tears of ice. His ivy beard was laced with frost as he peered in confusion at his numbed and unresponsive fingers. The fact they were azure blue did not appear to register on his suddenly weather-beaten face as it fell to stare once again at the cursed burden he bore across his barrel chest.

Fourteen good men, two of them his brothers, had died in the ambush, or rather, the slaughter. The jungle fever that had stricken them after the fortuitous (in hindsight, too fortuitous) discovery of the wounded jungle pig had left his unit in a sorry state of affairs. Four men were lapsing in and out of consciousness, meaning four more, too sick to be effective in combat, were assigned to half carry, half drag their comrades along. More than half the detachment, therefore, was unfit for duty and the rest were barely able to grip their swords in shaking, sweaty-palmed hands. They were thus ill prepared, to say the least, when the first flurry of obsidian-tipped death swirled around them and they heard the war cries of their ambushers.

There is honour in this death. Derron smiled contentedly at the thought as he finally managed to wrestle the first of the straps free. Not even in death, would he fail in his duty. The documents would be destroyed in the river below. The failure of his mission to deliver them was a minor insignificance compared to the implications should their contents be compromised. It was time for one final sacrifice in his duty to the Monastery.

If he hadn’t happened to be looking down at the time, Derron would not have noticed the obsidian arrowhead punching out through his crimson fisted tabard and on through the leather satchel. His eyes had time to widen, in first surprise and then in anguished realisation of his failure, before his punctured heart stopped beating and Derron slumped forward, his limp form swinging lifelessly over the chasm.
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Postby Zzinc on Mon Jan 29, 2007 11:29 am

Ooh yes, starting like that and giving background later works wonders for a short story, now I have a new idea to try out. Gotta steal me that style for something *hisses*

Very well written too, enjoyable stuff! Liked the end :D
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