Another vampire story

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Another vampire story

Postby Nathreee on Wed Jan 31, 2007 9:42 pm

"To our Queen!" Victor raised his glass and the ballroom filled with well-dressed but pale guests raised their glasses too.
"To our Queen!"
He smiled, baring his pointed teeth, and put his arm around Aria's perfect waist. She leaned against him, her head against his velvet waistcoat as he lovingly stroked her long, dark hair. "My very own beloved Queen."
"Tut tut." Her serene face showed only a hint of a satisfied smile. "I may be yours, but show some respect to your newly crowned majesty." She let her pale blue eyes go over her subjects, taking in the expressions on their faces. "Give the right example."
Bellis watched them from a small distance and nodded contently to herself as she straightened her long, black coat.

With a bang, one of the ball room doors slammed open, and two security guards came in dragging a shifty looking character with them. The crowd parted into a circle around the Queen and the intruders. Victor let go of Aria and turned his stern, angular face to the guards.
"What is this?" As the suits bulging with muscles pulled the man to his feet, Victor recognised his face. "Sylvester!"
"We found some vermin in the basement." One of the guards said from behind his dark glasses.
Aria placed her elegantly manicured hand on Victor's chest. "Let me handle this, dear."
For a second, Victor looked her in the eye. This is my fight.
She shook her head. "I will deal with this and show this young one why the Queen must not be angered." She turned to Sylvester. "Under no circomstances." Victor wisely backed away into the crowd. Bellis emerged next to him and winked.

"How dare you set foot into my home!" The Queen hissed at the skinny man held by the guards. The crowd widened the circle around them, waiting anxiously.
Sylvester looked up and her and grinned, without struggling against the strong grip of the suits.
"On your knees!" The strong magic in her command made his knees buckle as the guards let him fall down.
The queen approached and they took a step backwards. "Crawl before me like the rat that you are." She spit at him.
Sylvester looked up at her, still grinning.
"Do you have any idea of what I could do to you?" She said every word slowly and threateningly as she crouched down and grabbed his chin to look him straight in the eyes. "Do you?" The crowd seemed to hold their breath in anticipation.

Slily and almost unnoticed, Sylvester had sneaked his hand under his coat and suddenly the room was stunned by a blinding flash of light and the sound of a hard stone object falling to the floor. A ripple of power emanated from him that struck the guards backwards off their feet and made everyone in the room shudder and recoil. Sylvester never wavered and instantly buried his face in the Queen's neck. Her eyes grew wide with shock of this insolence, and then even wider when she found that she could do nothing to stop him. Her voice had died in her throat when the flash had gone off, and her muscles had turned to jelly. As she slowly felt him drinking her power out of her, she toppled over and he lay on top of her.

The guards scrambled up and attacked Sylvester, but were repelled by some unseen force that blew them backwards through the crowd against the wall.
"Aria! Get off her, you stinking filth!" Victor tried to leap forward, but Bellis grabbed him and pointed at a glowing amulet lying at Sylvester's feet. She shook her head emphatically. "No chance Victor, he cannot be beaten while he has that."
The crowd stood frozen in silence, staring at the appalling spectacle. After what seemed like an eternity of dying seconds, Sylvester slowly rose to his feet and grinned triumphantly at his audience, his long canines still dripping with blood. At his feet, Queen Aria lay pale and frail like a porcelain doll.

Victor pulled himself loose and stormed forward. "No!" He bellowed. "I'll rip you apart! With my bare hands!" But he stopped short when he felt the crackling aura of power still hovering around the Queen and het attacker.
Sylvester looked at him, unimpressed. "I'm just returning a favour, since you killed my sire too." He grinned and then ran up the wall. "If you'll excuse me, I did what I came to do." And he disappeared out the window.
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