<COMPETITION> Write your story!

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<COMPETITION> Write your story!

Postby Sentenza on Sun Mar 18, 2007 11:28 am

<COMPETITION> Write your story!

a writing competition: simple idea, simple task ... chose your theme and write
your story! ... just for the fun and a rewarding title ... go on ...

votes for the best will be starting in april

this month's given themes are:

1. A Dark Elf Ranger was asked to hunt a huge and dangerous cat in the woods

2. An orc enters a dwarf-lead tavern, where it is not accepted to have weapons
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Re: <COMPETITION> Write your story!

Postby Proto on Thu May 03, 2007 8:20 pm

Sentenza wrote:
1. A Dark Elf Ranger was asked to hunt a huge and dangerous cat in the woods

Sorry this took so long, it's been in the works for a while but i just finished it off today.

Entry #1
Theme #1

Lina froze. She tilted her head to one side and listened intently. Was that...? Yes! There it was again. Darting her eyes around the treeline she searched for the source of the noise, trying to breathe more evenly to silence the thumping beat of her heart in her chest. This was a perilous hunt although her familiarity with the jungle terrain served to reassure her. She had hunted and killed often amidst these trees and knew all the best paths on which to find her prey. Tonight though, she hunted a special quarry, one which would require more than her usual cunning and guile.

She loved to hunt by moonlight. The faint blue glow that festooned the jungle canopy was no disadvantage to her superior eyesight and the jungle was more alive during the night than in daylight hours, disguising her stealthy movements even further. Her prey barely had a chance, she smirked to herself, as she leapt gracefully onto the broad trunk of a fallen jala tree, padding soundlessly along its length. To her right her keen eyes caught a glint, treacherous moonlight conceding her prey's location. She jumped down from the log and melted into the trees, exerting her will to control the trembling anticipation in her body of the impending kill. Lying as flat as she could amidst the foliage under a fallen branch she awaited the ambush...

Vylos's final moments where a whirlwind of teeth and claws. He barely heard the cat approaching and by then it was too late. The azure panther that he had hunted for two nights now had become the hunter. His skin had prickled, sensing danger as he approached the clearing up ahead and as he passed the fallen branch he felt, more than heard, the movement through the air a moment before the crushing weight struck him, barrelling him to the ground. Within seconds he felt the claws tearing at his back, stripping muscle from bone and then his eyes widened in anguish as the huge maw clamped around his throat, dagger-like teeth punching through his windpipe, severing his carotid. He was dead long before his elven body was dragged up into the trees, a feast for Lina and her cubs.
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