TO GET "MEMBER" RANK join guild usergroup

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TO GET "MEMBER" RANK join guild usergroup

Postby Mythinite on Mon Feb 21, 2011 12:21 am

As a RIFT guild member you should apply to join the RIFT Members forum usergroup. Membership will allow you to view RIFT guild only forums, use additional features when posting in the RIFT forums and receive important messages from the RIFT officers.

Note: This is for existing guild members only and not a procedure for joining the guild. If you wish to join the guild please look here.

How to join the RIFT Members usergroup:
1. Go to the UCP (User Control Panel).
2. Select "Usergroups" from the Options list on the left. It should default to "Edit memberships", else select it.
3. Find the "RIFT Members" group on the list and select it.
4. Make sure that "Join selected" is selected in the dropdown menu and click "Submit".

Once your application has been reviewed by a guild officer you will be added to the usergroup.

In addition to the guild members usergroup we also have a Regular Members usergroup. This group will allow you to use additional features when posting in most of the non-guild sections of the forum, including Non-MMORPGs, PA General, Who is Who?, and The G.A.T. To apply use the same procedure as above but select "Regular Members" from the list. Note that membership is granted to active users with at least a few weeks of forum membership.

If you have any questions please contact me or a guild officer through PM.
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