Read this before posting an application!

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Read this before posting an application!

Postby Syda on Wed Feb 23, 2011 7:02 am

Tranquility is recruiting!

We are: International, English speaking, friendly adult and mainly EU timezone guild. We cover all aspects of the game and play on Defiant side on Blightweald server.
Having fun is our priority.

If you like playing in groups, having always someone to chat with, getting involved into exploring expeditions or organizing some events yourself – feel free to post here, or contact a guild officer in game.

We'll take on the toughest RAID content the game can throw at us - but we won't be SLAVES to a Raiding regime.
We'll have great fun in WARFRONTS and world PvP - but we won't INSIST you are 1337.
We'll expect you to be courteous, helpful and above all, FUN - but we won't DEMAND anything from you.

If you still like to join us after reading this, please be so kind and post short introduction about yourself and we will get in touch with You!

You can also contact Alyvian, Magistrela, Rahu, Aenedor, Shaba or Ula in game and we will be glad to invite you to our gang. :)

After posting your application why don't you apply to join our forum usergroup here.
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