Arete from neXus

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Arete from neXus

Postby Arete on Sun May 15, 2011 9:52 pm


I recently made it to 50 and have just started to hit the T1 instances, so I look forward to grouping with many of you :D

To give you some background, my first love was EQ2, it was my first venture into MMOs and I played there for about 5 years. I played on regular basis with Nirrad, Sunnyogo, Scyona, Dain and Yllyana. Nirrad left EQ2 first and the rest of us eventually ventured into WoW for about 7 months before leaving - Dain is not one for change and stayed there.

The rest of us had a bit of a break from online gaming before, Sunny, Scyona, Yllyana and myself settled into Aion. We played that game for well over a year until the launch of rift and met Raaz there before hanging up our wings and venturing over here (well Scyona cannot be persuaded to hang them up so she is 50/50 at the moment). After a few e-mails into Dain I finally persuaded him to join, so the old gang are back together which is great.

In real life I am a Scotsman living just outside London. I work in British Airways head office next to Terminal 5.

I am really excited to be part of this guild, it certainly seems active and friendly and I have had some good instance runs so far and look forward to many more. I am always happy to help too, so if you need anything please shout.
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Re: Arete from neXus

Postby Nopali on Sun May 15, 2011 11:26 pm

Hello Arete!
Nice to see you here!

( I will check the 5th terminal next time I fly to London ;) ) :o_y:
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Re: Arete from neXus

Postby Proto on Mon May 16, 2011 4:46 pm

Always good to have more Scotsmen on board, I think :)

Welcome to the community.
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