Jebu - from TPE - Hi there!

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Jebu - from TPE - Hi there!

Postby Jebu on Tue May 17, 2011 12:10 pm


Thought I would drop a message into the forum to introduce myself. I have already had a couple of groups including a wipetastical attempt at FC and a rather more succesfull go at raid rifts. Thanks to Rahu in particular for making me feel welcome.

I was the guild leader of The Power Empire, a guild that I normally start up in any new MMORPG but we dont always decide to go "big". Rift was definitely one of the games where a few of us 6-10 decided to get together at launch and see how it went. For those of us wanting to stay past the first 3 months, the intention was always to migrate to a larger guild at which point we would be max level and well geared.

Just so you know, I dont play Alts. I only have 1 character only and that's Jebu. I prefer to play my main as much possible and get him the best possible gear. This is partly due to time commitments as I live a pretty active life in terms of work/sport/social. however, when I get the chance I love to get into a MMORPG and really enjoy myself. I go from being in game very often, to times when I am not in game that often. I guess you could say Im a true casual gamer with a bit of a power gaming streek in me, particularly at server launch when I tend to hit max level within a few days max.

I am a mage and my 3 main builds are:

Necro Lock - For solo play, grinding, and for certain bosses that dont require AOE

Storm Lock - My main group DPS build which hauls in 500-1500 DPS depending on number of mobs at once.

Chloro Lock - For heal support. I am not geared for healing, nor do I consider it my best playstyle. however, I do know the appropriate rotations and in all but the hardest encounters I can make a decent support healer.

my other builds I tend to play around with depending on FOTM or I do some theory crafting to see if I can find some unusual builds (normally fail at this).

Gear wise, i am all go for T1 and have succesfully completed a few T2 (despite not having the gear I would like for this level). In a raid I would provide pretty good DPS but am working on improving all my gear so i can remain an influential member of the group.

I tend to swap roles throughout an encounter as the raid/group leader deems fit, so i have no probelms swapping between heal support and DPS.

I have Teamspeak and will set it up for groups/raiding.

Sorry for long post - but thought I would introduce myself properly!
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Re: Jebu - from TPE - Hi there!

Postby Nopali on Tue May 17, 2011 1:31 pm

Welcome Jebu!
It is great to have you with us!

CU in guild chat soon :o_wink:
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Re: Jebu - from TPE - Hi there!

Postby aenedor on Wed May 18, 2011 12:18 pm

Welcome Jebu, it is a very real pleasure to have you and your guildies joining with us :)
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