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 Post subject: The Book "The Crimson Wings" by Rinwaryu Moonflower
PostPosted: Thu Sep 10, 2009 5:36 pm 
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Deep in the forests north-east of Darnassus, a cottage covered and hidden among the surrounding trees.
Within this lavishly decorated home a single book can be found upon a a wooden display, the book has a purple cover and it displays the name "The Crimson Wings" writen in golden silk thread, It tells the story of Rinwaryu Moonflower daughter of Wighaurous(Wighar) Crimsonblade and Luidaena Dawnwing and their lives story.
The stranger reads a few days til reaching the last chapter that reads "Our last adventure".

The chapter follows Wighaurous the Death Knight, Aighar the Paladin Templar, Thaurdúr the Beast Master and Rinwaryu the Lynxian Druid upon their last expedition within the snowy valleys of Icecrown.
the story tells of Aighars Sacrifice to a massive Frostwyrm, by focusing all his Holy energies and his shield to ultimatly destroy the great wyrm in a Implossion of Holy energies disolving both Aighar and the Frostwyrm.

The chapter tells of Aighars last words spoken before attacking the wyrm in holy fury was that "The Hammer of the Light has not fallen, it will be brought back in retribution, Do not worry friends I have seen his fall, and i will leave this world without regrets" He raised his shield and in a stream of intense light he rushed into the great Frostwyrm, upon impact the blinding light exploded and they were both gone.

The party found Rinwaryu still alive in the huge imprint of what had been the Frostwyrms left foot, she was coughing blood but urged to go on sayign that it would be Aighars wish they continue forth and reach the argent crusades outpost south and seek help of priests.

along the pages forth the adventures make it thru to the Argent Crusades outpost where Thaurdúr hands over the remaining half of Aighars semi-molten titansteel sheild to the crusaders telling of his sacrifice to save the druid that was now under care of the crusades medical officers.

some of the various elves and of crusaders was present when Wighaurious and Rinwaryu performed a symbolic burial of the remaining shield in the grounds of the outpost, it has been noted that when the Death Knight placed the shield in the frozen earth the small patch of soil that had been dug up crackled with holy energy as the remnant energies released from the shield.

Wighaurious left the outpost a couple of days later leaving a torn silk cloth with silver lining at rinwaryus side before departure on feet, the cloth remains was identified as a part of a scarf Luidaena had given Wighaurious when he left for the eastern kingdom.

Rinwaryu decided then to move back to the forests of Darnassus, Thaurdúr had come with her but was lost at sea during a storm in which he rescued his pet "Ichigo" from being hit by debries that knocked him of the boat, a Ranger onboard the ship said that the last she saw of the Dwarf was him floating in the high waves with his face down and a piece of the ships debries sticking out of his back.

It is later telled in the chapter that Ichigo followed rinwaryu even after she released her in the wild to live among the wild beasts and came to live in the cottage with Rinwaryu.
last entry in the book is noted as that of several months later when the priestess Itoe came to visit informing that Wighaurious had been confirmed lost in the battle at the Citadel.

the remaining text in the book tells of Rinwaryus days tending to the cottage and the nature in and around it, last entry states "Father, I forgive you with all my heart, the dream will soon come and we shall meet again"

- - - - -
And thus my end of World of Warcraft is here, i have now ended my subscription and left the game.

but, was it all a true or was the book a dream?
time will tell, have I just taken a break or permanently moved on.

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