Rules of Conduct (last changes 17-06-2009 )

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Rules of Conduct (last changes 17-06-2009 )

Postby Wighar on Sat Jan 21, 2006 2:31 am

The Site Administration must make the following things clear to all members and visitors as to the usage of the Forum and Posting, as well as common conduct among it's members

You may Post anything you like as long as

- You follows proper conduct of Net etiquette
- You do not post Racist/Nazist propaganda
- behave in a respectable manor
- Respect peoples Privacy
- You are sole responsible for what you post
- You do not Insult members or enact personal Abuse
- Treat people as you would want to be treated (basicly Respect each other)
- You do not force your religous belifes on others

Failure to comply to these rules will be followed by:

For our known members- Ban from the forum for 14 days
For those unknown to us or that has been members less then 1 month- Account Revoked as failure to comply to rules

Be aware that

- The G.A.T Forum is a open section and does not reflect the views of The Second Sun as a organization.
- Mentioning of Software Piracy/Music piracy/Movie piracy is NOT to be taken as any OFFICAL views of The Second Sun.(G.A.T Forum Specific)
- Posting Links to Software Piracy/Music piracy/Movie piracy for direct download is NOT allowed(G.A.T Forum Specific)
- Posting Links to .torrent files is allowed but we ask that such be done with understanding that The Second Sun in no way supports the final content which is the sole responsibility of the individual who downloads/engages in the torrent final content. (G.A.T Forum Specific)
- our members are asked to refrain from any form of RMT and second marketing activities (see ** for more information)
- Political Views of members that are posted are free here and shall NOT be seen as The Second Suns political views on politics
- The Second Sun is 100% Free of any and all Religious activities in all, including propaganda
- The Second Sun is in no way affiliated to any commentary/post in the G.A.T Forum.
- Mentioning of Software Piracy/Music piracy/Movie piracy is NOT to be taken as any OFFICAL views of The Second Sun

You may NOT Post

- links to sites containing Malware such as Keyloggers, Adware, Spyware and/or Virus infested sites
- Links promiting commercial products not approved by the Administrative Crew
- Guest posts can be removed by the administrative crew if they feels it may disturb users or otherwise be of harm to user(s) privacy in anyway or if it contains anything that may be harmful or disturbing in any other way
- ANY pornographical imagery, stories or proposals
- about Organ/body-part enlargement, sales or otherwise harmful or not suitable for view by children ages 9+.
- Trap sites with pay-pre-click functions or other functions that prey on visitors in such ways.
- links/information on how to aquire drugs/medication (this is implimented as many of our members and visitors are from the gaming community and may go as low as to 9 years of age if not less.)
- Links/ads to service provided by Sites affiliated to GameFarming companies, organisations, groups that handle facilitating trade of virtual assets which is breaking against MMOG EULAs (secondary marketing). for example Sites owned operated or affiliated to Internet Gaming Entertainment (IGE),,, Guy4Game or any other such service sites (see ** for added information)
- Links to site affiliated by Virtual Crime and virtual Crime organisations

** = Take notice to the following MMORPG Games:

World of Warcraft
Warhammer Online

MMORPGs listed above strictly prohibits the practices of Real Money Trading for obtaining in game curency (so called "buying gold"), items, characters or any other in game product linked with the game.
The Second Sun an MMORPG Player Association Respects these Agreements set by the MMORPG providers and thus members within guilds hosted in these games should therefor refrain from such practices.

- - - - Leet speech rulez - - - -

Code: Select all
$PeEk |_eE7 |)0 `/4, \|/E|_|_ .-e4|) 7e|-| P|-|0|_|_0\|/||\|' 7|-|E|\| |\/|47e`/, \|/E 4|_|_0\|/ |_ee7 $pEeC|-| ||\| |\/|0|)E.-47|0|\| 7|-|@ |$ |)0'|\|7 8e 0\/E.- |)0||\|' 7e|-| |_eE7, 7E|-|  4|)|\/|||\|$ \|/||_|_ p|-|.-`/ _|00.- 4.-2e ||= `/4 |)0.

P|-|34.- 7e|-| 4|)|\/|||\|$

- - - Lezz Advanced L337 - - -

Code: Select all
5P33k L337 D0 Y4, W3lL R34d 73h pH0ll0W1N' 7h3N M473Y, W3 4LL0W l337 5P33ch 1n M0D3r4710n 7H@ 15 d0'N7 83 0v3r d01n' 73h l337, 73H  4dM1N5 w1ll PHry J00z 4R23 1f Y4 D0.

ph34r 73H 4dm1N5

Site Administration holds the rights to change these rules without prompting or informing of its changes.

Google Translation of this page available in
NOTICE: Even though these google translations are available the forum will due to international communicational means always use English so that all can understand in general.
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Postby Wighar on Wed Jun 17, 2009 3:04 pm

Links to Informative Websites about Spam
The Rules of Spam
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