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Whacky stuff

Postby Wighar on Mon Jul 20, 2009 11:22 pm

Right, let's hear some whacky stuff you dare tell about.

I'll start of with a chat session i had during BF2 over Teamspeak.

Now let me explain that this had gone on for a few hours as to me right now the name eludes me asked what celebrity you'd like to well kiss, hug or have 'fun' with, there was some laughs and funny remarks.

then this happends, the discussion is between Wighar (me), Guy1, Guy2 and Sleepygirl. i use guy1 and guy2 because i cant remember their nick, and the sleepygirl sounded like she was snoring during the game.

Guy 1: I know one awesome babe idd give a frenchy
Guy 2: probably a P*rn actress like Lexi Bell huh?
Wighar: that the one that could pass for a 18 y.o?
Guy 2: Yeah thats her
Sleepygirl: Even I want to play with her.
*Some whoooo'ing*
Guy 2: so whos the babe?
Guy 1: Madonna mate
Wighar: {Guy 1} you like them older then mate?
Guy 2: she looks good yeah, but madonna?
Guy 1: What about it shes like 35-40 right?
Wighar: dude she had her 50th birthday last year
Sleepygirl: *ROFL*
Guy 2: *Screaming Laugh*
Guy 1: NO WAY!

the dialog here is a bit cleaner then the one that was spoken of course and less on the point, we were shooting each other in game after all, I personly have no problems with madonnas age in that remark, i was being serious to asking if he liked older woman (the guy talked about being on summers brake from school so i guessed him a 16-18 year old), thought he might be up for Suzziq so i could pimp her out (joke =) ) :o_y:

So you got any wierd stories or any amusing to tell about, give it a shot or go to a website and copy some old jokes and post them here, lets get some lol's rolling
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Re: Whacky stuff

Postby suzziq on Mon Aug 03, 2009 8:26 am

Oh I could so slap yer arse for that :bum: ....pimp me out!!!??? I gave that up a long time ago, found the guys couldn't keep up with me..... :help:

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