Aion - Videos and more info

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Aion - Videos and more info

Postby Hanna on Sat Sep 12, 2009 10:05 pm

Since there is no Aion thread that I've seen so far, I'm posting this here. Admins, please feel free to move this post to where it belongs if this is the wrong forum.

In this post I'll try to show off some of Aion and its gameplay, lore and mechanics. I've been playing Aion since closed beta and levelled a few characters fairly high and this is what I've found so far. My history of online games contains being a GM and developer for the Neverwinter nights community as well as playing for one of Vanguards most successful raiding guilds (should give you an idea of where I come from when writing this). All movies are of actual gameplay unless otherwise stated.
I'll update this post as the time goes by, there is so much to say about Aion and as I run across more stuff, I will post it. :)

The first thing that made me fall in love with this game is the character creation options and the customization options available to you. When it comes to clothing, armors and weapons this game is pretty much the best there is and not even the Sims3 even comes close when it comes to options.
Video of character customization:
low quality:
And some footage to give you an idea of how diverse the armor can be:

World and Lore:
Aion is the name of the god who created the world known as Atrea. The people in Atrea lived their lives peacefully until the creatures who were once created to protect them, turned against the people of Atrea. These creatures, the Balur, is the AI controlled chaotic evil faction in the game (PvE). The battle that took place between the people of Atrea and the Balur led to a cataclysmic event splitting Atrea in two. One side of the planet bathes in sunlight and its people live in prosperity, this is the player faction called Elyos. The other side of the planet, Asmodae, is doomed to eternal twilight and its people have been forced to lead a harsh life. That would be the other player controlled faction.
Entry movie portraying the lore: (Cinematic)
Movie of some location in Elyos:
Movie from Amodae:

The area in between Elyos and Asmodae is called the Abyss. This is an area where constant war rages between all factions (PvPvE), the Balur, Asmodinians and the Elyos.

Video about Aion gameplay:
The gameplay in Aion is called PvPvE. In practice this means that there are PvE areas (where you do the same old PvE grouping as usual) and mixed areas where you play a sort of "capture the flag" (or fortress) game against the opposing faction. This leads to enormous battles spread out over big areas. If this game was any other game, I would have said this was technically impossible without turning graphical setting down to a minimum and turning off all polygons and particles. Not so in Aion. Here is a video of an Elyos vs Balur PvE event that took place in closed beta. The Balur attacked the Verteron Citadel and we were sent out to defend it. I took part in it and it looked exactly the same in the movie as on my screen so no cheating with the GFX here. (fast forward to 2 minutes if you are impatient)
PvPvE pretty much begins after level 30 so up until then you aren't going to see much PvP unless you decide to duel people of your own faction. Even after level 30 there are strictly PvE areas so you don't really have to do any PvP unless you want to.

Aion is using a pretty nice system with actions and skill chains where one attack can lead to another. Not all attack chains triggers damage abilities, some chains can be used to trigger an invulnerability or other defensive abilities as well as doing damage. This makes a combat system that is both easy to use as well as very hard to fully master in all situations. Aion gameplay is pretty fast and in order to be ther best you can be, you need to keep constant track of your skill chains, cooldowns and the environment.
Here is a video showing some in game combat PvP duel gameplay, it is worth watching to get an idea of the speed of the combat system:
And here is a solo PvE movie of a a templar (tank) showing off some amazing combat speed:

The classes follow the usual pattern with tanks, DPS, healers and utility so not too much new here. There are 4 base classes, each splitting in 2 at level 10 which gives a total of 8 classes. However, you can customize your class further down the road to create something a little more special with the help of something called Stigma which will give you some special abilities of your choosing.
This movie shows some of the actual in game moves from each class: (need to watch in HD)

... To be continued :)
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Re: Aion - Videos and more info

Postby aenedor on Sun Sep 13, 2009 9:28 am

The character gfx are pretty impressive, I spotted a elven david beckham, guessing there a few more celebs in there :)
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Re: Aion - Videos and more info

Postby levyne on Mon Sep 14, 2009 4:42 pm

Nice info :)
I like that the pvp fight seem to take a while, at least time to put some thought into it.
Very impressive character creation, just think that maybe they look too perfect if that makes sense. Graphics seem nice though.

Have you tried crafting and how much use it is in the game world? :)
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Re: Aion - Videos and more info

Postby Nopali on Mon Sep 14, 2009 4:45 pm

pfffff... there are no goblins :o_cens:
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Re: Aion - Videos and more info

Postby Hanna on Tue Sep 15, 2009 6:00 pm

OK, seems I can't update my post so going to reply to it.

These are things you should know that could be considered drawbacks for some people.

Very linear PVE campaign.
The PVE campaign is very linear and after leaving the newbie area after hitting level 10, there is a pretty pre-determined path you need to follow in order to not having to grind teash mobs. There is only one starter area for each of the two factions and everyone (pretty much) walks the same path. This makes the process of levelling alts easy but repetitive since you will be doing the same quests over and over again.

Crafting and harvesting:
This is all based on luck, nothing else. The crafting process involves starting the recipe/work-order and then hope it succeeds. There is no skill involved at all. The items you can make are however rather good as far as I know (taking into account I only did this in beta and wasn't high level).

PVP Warning
This game is based on PVPVE. This means that PVP is a crucial element in this game. You *can* play this game and level to max level without PVP but it would be like playing an MMO and not take part in raiding. It works and you can probably have fun doing it but you will be missing out on a big part of the game. There will be no strictly PVE servers and with the linear PVE content, I think Aion will get pretty shallow unless you take part in the PVPVE.
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