Vanguard will receive development updates.

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Vanguard will receive development updates.

Postby Syda on Mon Jul 11, 2011 9:05 am ... #continued

SOE Fan Faire 2011: An update on Vanguard

by Karen Bryan on Jul 10th 2011 5:00PM

With no official panels or events planned for Vanguard fans at this year's Fan Faire, you might wonder whether Sony Online Entertainment has any plans for the future of the game. But take heart, because Vanguard is definitely alive and on the minds of the SOE development team. Salim "Silius" Grant from SOE sat down to talk to Massively about future plans for Vanguard. Read on for an update on the world of Telon.

While Grant wasn't able to go into detail, he did say that there have been high-level meetings regarding future updates for Vanguard. They are definitely planning to do two updates within the fiscal year for Vanguard, although there is no exact timetable on when those updates will launch. He said that he will more than likely be overseeing whatever will be implemented, and they will also bring in other developers who had previously worked on the game.
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