TSS approaching "Pirates of the Burning Sea"

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TSS approaching "Pirates of the Burning Sea"

Postby Sentenza on Fri Nov 24, 2006 3:02 pm

TSS approaching "Pirates of the Burning Sea"

Today I did some monk-work preparing our approach to the Pirates of the Burning Sea,
by creating a section for it and starting a linklist for our researches and server-downs of
other games. As well I documentated with some links, where I point to TSS in several
threads of the official forums.

I realized, that the gameplay will depend on decisions about faction and classes of the
individual player, or of the guild in total. Pirates and Adventurers are told to be designed
more or less for the solo-play, as their companies lack the chance to influence the game-
world with their undertakings. this chance seems only be given to the nationbound com-
panies of merchants.
Here is research to do and we should discuss, what we do want individually and which
aspects we would like to be covered by the guild. Actually the overwhelming part of the
existing community seems to head Pirate ... well, that's what it is about ...

And ... are we ready to rumble about a name for the TSS-fleet yet ? Let's get started !
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