beta impressions

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beta impressions

Postby Sentenza on Fri Dec 28, 2007 6:35 am

beta impressions

well, having played the beta for some 15/20 hours, here some impressions.

you easily may run into comments like "the grafics are terrible", "it is almost instanced"
... and all these critial comments are right. just, realizing this I started wondering why
I liked playing it ?

don't get me wrong, I don't see Pirates of the Burning Sea as THE UPCOMING MMO, but
it makes a nice side-game, especially for those owning a SOE-station account.

All in all PotBS impresses by it's simplicity and robustness. Beside the overfilled starter
harbours I didn't experience much lag or other performance problems and the amount of
bugs was quite limited, which is refreshing nowadays when MMO's are short to release.

And than you have the ship-combat, which is nice, a bit skill-, a bit strategy-driven,
equipment makes a deciding factor as well, a nice alternative to all the melee-orientation
you usually run into. the melee-combat itself, either on land-missions or when you grapple
aboard of npcs's or player-ships is not so overwhelming but neat and functionally working,
maybe even gets richer with the levels.

In addition to this you can chose between three different melee-styles: dirty-fighting,
fencing and florentine.
All styles work due to a so called "initiative-pool" you start building when you begin to
fight. there are preparational attacks with priority to gain more initiative and hitting-at-
tacks, you start using when you got enough initiative to make them more successfully
Actually all swashbuckling is instanced either during missions or when entering another
I can imagine of interesting duels at medium and higher levels thou ...

the heart of the game are the ships, their equipment and the ship-combat thou ...
diversed by loads of various shiptypes, strategically supported by different ammunition
and the possibilities to customize your ship with additional items like improved sails,
riggings and whatsoever alowing you to improve your ship's abilities into various direc-
tions like combat-defense, grappling-defense, combat-range or just more damage,
speed or manoeverability, all deciding factors if it is about to win. further diversification
is granted by a well intro-duced procedure to implement player-created ships, sails and

this is as well the point where the economy comes into the game, offering a quite un-
common variation of craftings for a MMO. this is not about clickable item-crafting but
building and managing manufactures and structures, comparable to tycoon-games, but
nicely adapted for a MMO. as well the economy asks for organisation, which makes it
a nice and everlasting guild-task to cover the huge variety of different products. another
deciding and exciting factor is the limitation of the economy: you may own 10 structures
per account only and the limited availability of resources at a certain harbour ... and, I
didn't find a single self-sufficient production-line only using 10 structures ... so, economy
is about organising and cooperating, and will be influenced by PvP heavily, if it comes to
other nations raiding your home-harbour and disabling your production ... ;-) ...
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