the freetrader class explained by Xeon

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the freetrader class explained by Xeon

Postby Sentenza on Thu Jan 03, 2008 4:46 pm

the freetrader class explained by Xeon @TTH

Xeon @ wrote:GB here:
There is a massive amount of discussion about the Freetrader class so i wrote a quick guide:

FT's are freetraders nothing more nothing less.

The main function of a FT is to ship & trade or play the economy & have several unique armed cargo ships for this purpose.
Often FT ships have advantages in boarding combat because of their large crews.
FT's like all classes do not have to craft but most players imagine them to do so.

All classes can be shipwrights but Potbs is designed so that all classes need to do combat for the majority of their exp.
Progression can be very slow for those that wish to avoid combat & solely craft because the exp rewards for crafting alone are minimal.

FT's have 40 skills and 25 skill points which means they can choose to be economic, combat or be a mixture of both.
FT's are able view all nations auction houses but special attention needs to be taken to faction that allows trade in other nations ports paticularly if they wish to combat for contention points.
FT's are also able to manufacture goods quicker than other classes using advanced strutures & skills to evade up to 50% tax in foreign ports.

FT's are not meant to suck at combat so choose your FT skills wisely to play the style you want.
A good startegy is to lvl up using combat skills & then re-assign skills to the economic types later in the game.
They are also able to command any other warship that is not unique to class & have the best repair skill available at the cost of some doubloons.

The primary goal of a FT should be to play the economy by whatever means including economic warfare to ensure his nation's shipwrights are supplied with all the materials needed for their warship construction industry & at the same time make some profit.

Many Freetraders are happy to trade with all nations including pirates. Others work exclusively within their society or nation, this is a personal choice.

All in all a skillful class to play ;-)

to me personally freetrader looks very interesting, but prolly would prefer to
play a privateer first in order to become more familiar with the features and
ouh ... and be aware of the fact that freetrader are only available when you
chose any nation except pirates.
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