some remarks on PotBS

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some remarks on PotBS

Postby Sentenza on Fri Jan 25, 2008 4:27 pm

some remarks on PotBS

since a few days now we can "play" Pirates of the Burning Sea beside all beta-
and pre-launch restrictions ... and ... it started to become fun and addictive.

I decided to play characters mainly fighting for the spanish crown, as I prefer
the music, but as well to make profit of the three different classes available for
all nations except the pirates: privateer, freetrader and naval officer. this fits
well with the 3 different melee-combat (swashbuckling-) styles: dirty fighting,
fencing and florentine.
Pirates don't have this option, but they are able to capture npc- and player-
ships instead, an intriguing alternative, just you can only join one nation on a

This isn't meant as a review, so I wont go into details, they are fun and complex
enough to be explored ingame.

All in all you're free to play which style you ever prefer. Some go very deep into
the economy system, which is more promising for a freetrader, but not limited to
this class or another. You may go PvP, which is possible even at lower levels, as
both, ship and close combat is skill based and nicely balanced and implemented.

(okay, don't attack a lvl 35 privateer as a lvl-5 freetrader, but ... hey ... ;-) ... )

other advantages are:
        - it is very easy and fast to find/start groups either for quests or just
        patrolling the Carribeans watching out for some pirates.
        - there is no group/lvl-restriction
        - the ship combat is quite refreshing compared to what we know out
        of melee-MMO's
        - economy as well offers products to be crafted solo or go for the stuff,
        that asks for more organized teamwork with other players
        - there are no zone restrictions ... sail whereever you want to

another side feature I enjoy a lot:
        - you dress your toon seperatively of equiping bonus-items ... so, visit
        the tailor as often as you wish ! ... ;-) ...

my advice: if you get a buddy-key or have the chance of a free trial, do it
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