Quests in the Harbor

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Quests in the Harbor

Postby Nathreee on Mon Dec 04, 2006 1:56 pm

I decided to write a little editorial on the quests in the harbor. I'm not sure anymore whether I can make it tonight, because COG is making trouble about a bill... Anyway, here's my view on the harbor quests:

The quests before you leave the Wavecrest Inn are solo-only tutorial like quests, so I won't mention them.

Goodblade's Quests
Steal the Healing Elixir
Search for Rare Scrolls
Recovering the Lost Tomb

Easy quests. Very doable solo, though the quest in the tomb might be a bit hard for rogues, mages and sorcerors to do alone. Remember to bring blunt weapons for the slimes and the skeletons, and a slashing weapon for the zombies.

Surviving the Low Road
Very doable and fun quest to solo. In the past it wasn't repeatable, I'm not sure if it is now, but if it is, it's worth doing again for extra xp.

The Solo-Only quests around the class trainers
An Explosive Situation
Home Sweet Sewer

These quests are solo-only and easy to do. They are not worth much xp-wise.

The Miller's Debt
This quest is soloable even at Normal Difficulty, maybe even higher Difficulties if you're really buff.

Warder Defense
See my comment on the previous quest. ├Źn addition it's worth repeating, because sometimes a named scorpion appears which means extra xp and a chest with loot.

Leaky Dinghy Quests
A matter of Protection
The Missing Ward
The Butcher's Path
The Kobold Brothers (Durk's Secret)

The first two of these quests are doable when you're alone and pretty buff. Stock up on healing potions; there's no shrine because the quests are relatively short, but you might get hurt.
The latter quests are long and almost impossible to solo unless you're a fighter/barbarian/paladin with lots of potions or a really buff cleric. Not really worth trying on your own. In a pick-up group or a guild-group, these quests are worth repeating, because they're worth a lot of xp and loot. Make sure to bring a rogue, someone with str 18 and someone with int 18 in order to get all the loot that's hidden throughout these dungeons.

Sewer Rescue
I like this quest. If you're a lone rogue, you can do this quest for lots of xp. Other classes can solo it as well, but they might get in trouble with the really nasty trap that's upstairs from the rest shrine.
Note: there is a hidden chest with loot in this dungeon. To reach it, you must jump across the beams of the ceiling near the rest shrine, defeat a pretty nasty lvl 3 skeleton and unlock the chest. I recommend you only go for this chest when in a group.

Garrison's Missing Pack
I have now reached the quests in the harbor that are not quite soloable. This is one of them; a fighter/paladin with lots of potions or a fighter cleric might be able to do this solo, but other classes are likely to just get themselves killed trying. This is mainly because the shamans are nasty. The quest is doable with an unbalanced group, though. By unbalanced I mean any group really, as long as there's some fight power and everybody brought some potions. If there's a cleric or a healing bard in the group this quests is a breeze.

Kobold Assault
Do not attempt this quest unless you are in a well-balanced group. The objective is to kill 200 kobolds! The best way of doing this is to stay in the fortress, so they can't really surround you. Ranged weapons are a plus, and so are sorcerors. If you're a wiz or a cleric, try to conserve your spellpts, because the only shrine is outside in the fray. Bring wands, you might be able to empty one, better rely on summon spells and buffs because your direct damage spells will run out quickly.

Wayward Lobster Quests

Bringing the Light
Cool quest to do solo, though the squishy classes (rogue, wiz, sorc) might find it hard.

A Man named Baudry Cartamon
This is a series of 3 quests. The first one is pretty hard to solo, since you have to protect a box by killing loads of kobolds. The second one is nice to do solo; it involves breaking as many chests as possible within 10 mins. The third is better done in a group, because the bugbears are a little scary. An unbalanced group will do, because the quest is short.

Information is Key
The only reason why this quest is hard to solo, is the skirmish at the end, after opening th secret door with the valves hidden underwater. There's just too much of em to survive on your own, unless you're really heavily armoured. An unbalanced group can tackle this quest easily.

The Smuggles's Warehouse
Short quest, so doable with an unbalanced group, but not really solo because of the bugbears that really kick butt.

Stealthy Repossesion
This quest is almost impossible to do with any other class than ranger or rogue. It requires you not to kill certain kobolds, which is only possible if you sneak past them. If they spot you, they attack and won't stop until they're dead. If you try this quest solo as a rogue or ranger, timing is the key. Open doors and pull levers only when they're not looking and then immediately go into stealth mode again. Try not to disturb any kobolds until you reach the end of the dungeon, since at that point it becomes unavoidable to kill a few. If you're careful, you can take on one shaman at the time, which is easier to survive.

Quest in the Lighthouse (I've forgotten the name)
This quest is soloable if you don't do all the optionals. The thunder trap can be avoided with some timing, or if your int is 14 or higher, you can turn it off witht he glyphs on the wall. Bring weapons that are effective against skellies and zombies. When you reach the end, just past the shrine, that's the moment to get out when solo. The cold trap can also be avoided with the right timing. If you're in a good group, it's worth using the gluph and the lever to open the door into the optional part. The you have to kill some nasty skellies that cast spells and then, after activating another glyph, imps come to harrass you. After that you can take the treasure. The optional part is quite hard, you have been warned.

Kobold's New Ring Leader
Not doable solo unless you're really buff. This quest is long but also contains 2 shrines, which makes it possible to do it with an unbalanced group. With a full group, this quest is worth repeating, because of the xp and loot. Every bugbear boss is capable of dropping an item with his name on it, which are really cool items, generally.

I recomment you only do this quest in a full group. It's really long; it takes an hour to do the first two sub-quests, then there is room to return to town for a break, and then another hour for the other two sub-quests. If you decide to do this quest, the rules for a good party apply.

Make sure that:
-you bring a healer, either a cleric or a healing bard.
-you bring a rogue with a high search and disable, preferably one who already knows where the traps are.
-you bring someone who knows the quest and who can show everyone the way
-you communicate! Warn people for traps, ask them to wait for you, or ask whether they want to do the optionals.
-you stick together. Getting lost alone = getting killed.
-you delay resting until someone is out of spellpts. It's rewarding to clear the shrine of monsters and let all the spellcasters go back there when needed. Wait for them to come back before going on.

I hope this is helpful.
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