*mwah mwah* see you guys

The attempt at Tabletop RP in an online MMO

*mwah mwah* see you guys

Postby ouasu on Thu Jan 25, 2007 11:31 am

If I were to play a mmorpg right now, it woudl probably be DDO, but I find I don't log in anymore at all.
at the 29th my account runs out and I will not be resubbing.

Had a lot of fun. I think I'll be back at some point.
Just don't play any games at all right now. not even single player ones.
I expect my collector's edition of Europa Universalis 3 to arrive early februari, then I'll probably be playing that a lot.

till then I'm writing, reading and having fun 1st life and 2nd life ;)

*mwah mwah* see you guys
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