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Postby Nathreee on Fri Oct 27, 2006 3:50 pm

My opinion:

The necessities in a good party:

-a cleric
I have thought about this long and hard (since i really don't mind being the healer) and the cleric is a simple must-have. I have tried to be a healing bard/sorceror in the past, and my lack of lesser restoration was simply not compensated by wands and extra mana. After lesser restoration is a fact (after level 3), multiclassing as a bard or a fighter (whatever the player likes best) is possible.

-a rogue
All of the dungeons contain traps and locked chests/doors up to a certain point. No rogue doesn't just mean you can't get through certain parts without taking heavy damage, it also means you miss out on loot. I have heard of very effective rogue/rangers, who managed to keep their search and disable maxed out while gaining better fighting skills from the ranger side, i'd recommend trying something like that. Multiclassing as a bard is also a good idea, but makes the character less apt for combat and more useful as support.

-someone to go in first and whack everything
Fighters or barbarians seem to be an obvious choice here, but I prefer battle-specced paladins, and even some rangers might do the trick (two-handed fighting rangers, for example). This is really up to the choice of the player, but the paladin's bonus is the aura of good, which raises saves and the like of the whole party at later levels.

-damage from the back
Obviously this category includes mages, sorcerors and rangers. The trick to playing this kind of character effectively is to let the big guys in front storm in first. Wait a little before you start shooting down the enemy, or they will run right past the big armoured tanks to whoop your lightly padded backside. As spellcasters, it's also important to keep some crowd control spells like hypnotism and the like at hand for situations when there's a big load of enemies. This does happen, yes, also at low level. Do not underestimate the power of a well placed hypnotism spell.

These were my thoughts. I don't mind being the cleric, as I said, but ranger and rogue are classes I like as well. If we just roll for it, I can probably get comfortable with any class you throw at me.
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Postby Sentenza on Sat Oct 28, 2006 4:13 pm

Nathreee wrote:My opinion:

The necessities in a good party:

don't forget about someone strong carrying all the boxes with food and drinks ... ;-)
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