Imperial agent - bits of info.

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Imperial agent - bits of info.

Postby Starman on Thu Nov 19, 2009 8:48 am

From Imperial Agent Demo Walkthrough @ Darth Hater:
...Daniel Erickson, lead writer and the man behind the machine for this demo, explained that the Imperial Agent is designed to approach combat situations intelligently, setting up a plan of attack and then executing on that plan, as opposed to just going in guns a-blazing. His first example of this approach was an “Exploding Probe” that the Agent could send out from behind cover. This probe moved to the target and began hovering, with the mob completely oblivious to its existence. The Agent then shot the target and, at the first tick of damage, the probe also exploded causing a cascade of damage that killed the enemy.
The next ability we were shown from the Agent’s bag of tricks was a “Sleep Dart”. Another in a long line of crowd control abilities, the dart incapacitates a target without aggroing any adjacent mobs. The Agent gained cover in front of a group of three enemies, put one to sleep without alerting the other targets, and then loaded up another new ability: the “Toxic Dart”.
Similar to the “Sleep Dart”, the “Toxic Dart” went unnoticed when used, however this is not a form of crowd control. The Agent shot one of the sleeping mob’s compatriots, who then started taking damage over time without noticing he had been hit. After taking well over 50% damage the enemy started to realize what was happening, but it was too late. The agent dispatched the single healthy target with her sniper rifle, finished off the one weakened by the “Toxic Dart”, and finally woke the sleeping target with a painful dose of sniper fire....

And the official news: here
Outfitted in the smartest, sleekest, high-tech gear, the Imperial Agent always has the right tools at the right time. Using their abilities of subversion and subterfuge, these covert operatives infiltrate and assassinate enemies of the Empire with deadly efficiency...

(Sorry been kinda immersed in Dragon Age lately, not much time to update news :omg:)
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